B1 (Tier 4) – Road to Tier Ten – French Heavies (WoT PS4) #5

On the road to the AMX 50 B we take the tier 4 B1 out for a spin on World of Tanks Console!
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  1. DragonRoLo

    i have several tanks up to tier 7 even a decked out matilda fully equipped. This is my most favorite tank in the game right now I like it way way more than the matilda and often get top damage easily their are some tanks I just cant kill with it but for for the most part it will take out anything that comes its way.

  2. Gabriel González

    It didn't see like wot it seens like batlefield.

  3. Reportage_Fr

    Where is the E-100 ?

  4. David Hatswell

    "Woah there pickle…" Another TBG classic. Put it on a t-shirt Ben!

  5. LeagueTube

    Great vid!

  6. MeBeLonMon

    Wouldn't it be better to train your crew with Repairs or another important skill that you can immediately begin reaping some useful benefits from instead of wasting time and effort on the practically useless Mentor skill?

  7. nancyisaac Rodriguez

    is war thunder any good ? I've never play it.

  8. MadFridayTV

    still waiting for stream highlights!

  9. Kaylyn Sosnowski

    Ben are you gonna do a review of the A-32?I wanna see if it's worth it

  10. Lardass

    I've blocked 2.6k in one game with this thing (While also dealing 1k damage), loved it the whole time I had it.

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