1. Warcrimes incarnate

    M5 Stuart vs M5A1 Stuart.

    The M5 Stuart has 56 AP pen and 78 APCR pen. Depending on the gun you use, you either have a 5 round autogun (that fires all five rounds every time you pull the trigger) or a single shot gun. The single shot gun has 1088 DPM, while the autogun has 1250 DPM. The single shot gun has .42 accuracy, while the autogun has .40

    The M5A1 Stuart has only one competitive gun. It has 81 AP pen and 130 APCR pen. The gun has 1752 DPM. While the aimtime is worse than the M5 Stuart's gun (which has a superb 1.6 second aimtime), it's still workable at 2.2 seconds. The accuracy on the M5A1's gun is .40, just like the more accurate gun on the M5 Stuart.

    The other stats on the tanks are identical—except for two things: First, the M5A1 has 50 extra horsepower on its engine, giving it not only more power, but also a better power-to-weight ratio. Second, the M5A1 has 10 meters less view range than the M5 Stuart, but with skilled crews and equipment (and even food if you're a filthy seal clubber), that has little meaning.

    The M5 Stuart used to have a fun little 75mm howitzer. It was somewhat bad, but still made the tank fun to play and unique. Wargaming removed it, and left the tank with garbage guns in its place. As far as I'm concerned, the M5 Stuart is essentially unplayable, because the gun is just THAT bad. 56 penetration and absurdly bad DPM will struggle against even the sides and rears of the opponents it faces.

    Meanwhile, I strongly believe that the M5A1 is a competitor for best tier 4 tank (yes, even against the Luchs), simply because of the gun. The platform is fast, stealthy, and has surprisingly good armor against lower tiered opponents. The gun has brutal DPM with usable penetration as well.

    So yeah, there's an analysis for you. A tank whose APCR pen is worse than a carbon copy's AP pen, while having EVEN WORSE dpm with a bad gun. But hey, it has 10 meters extra viewrange! Wargaming really needs to rebalance the lower tiers; that will help with player retention immensely.

  2. ThomasTheCrispyFaggot !

    59-16 Is better. Please go WG with MT-25 to gulag. Thanks 🙂

  3. Joshua Cabrera

    IS vs. IS-2 vs. IS-2(Chinese)

  4. Orack

    I play my mt-25 with the 45mm gun. 1.5 reload, it's hella fun 😀
    Cuz, atm, MT-25 or 59-16 with middle or top gun are not worth it. Play Type 64.
    MT-25 is only fun with 45 mm :>

  5. Lord of Thunder

    Almost WHY??? EASY!!!! The gun weights much less, so I think WG are taking that into consideration.

  6. Loony1979

    the MT-25 is better at defending against aggressive scouts by ramming them 🙂

  7. lukas L

    I just wish they would put the auto loader back on the 59-16. Don't know why WG hates "gimmick" guns. RIP fav tank.

  8. PzKw IIA

    So you loved your MT25 and now you see there´s a better Chineese tank.
    What do you do?

    Well, I guess, you´ll grind this tank.

    You don´t have a decent crew?
    Well, you can buy an excellent Premium Tier 6 Chineese light.

    You don´t want to spend steadily silver on camou for your new baby?
    Well, buy some for gold. You can afford it.

    You need another garage-slot?
    Well, it´s not too expensive.

    Do you really think nerving the pen of the MT25 this is a mistake by wargaming?
    Well, I don´t think so.

  9. giorgos kar

    t71 vs amx 13 75

  10. wartd rohan

    MT-25 has worse dispersion thus needing more ammo to hit the same amount of times as a more accurate gun

  11. Ja Man

    t-34-85 vs type 58

  12. Robert Harvilla

    Everyone knows that the stats don't matter when it comes to Russian tanks. They always have better unlisted stats, and they have the huge bonus of the RNG (Russian Number Generator) that makes them twice as accurate as even the tanks with way better stats.

  13. Lord of Thunder

    You forgot to mention the weights of the guns, the 59-16 top gun is 700 lighter therefore better power to horse ratio unless the more ammo that has got negates the different weights.

  14. Armas Tikko

    MT-25 is a horrible tank. It's penetration is too low for anything. I am ok with low damage if penetration is high, but wargaming says NO. You can't do anything with it. Only driving around, but I like would to damage too.

  15. Brayden Lancaster

    Defender and IS-6

    This could be really good for a new series Ilya 🙂

  16. _Shak

    Yeah but whats the point of having two tanks which are the same? 59-16 + MT25 exactly the same.. then why have different tanks? I get your point of course, but some differences should be there.

  17. Landscapes ~ Rob Dickinson

    Currently playing vk2801 looking at the SP1C and it looks like a downgrade in almost every respect? Ok it has a few more hp and very slight viewrange advantage but no armour etc why do they make the next tier up a weaker tank?

    (ok vk2801 lost the derp but its really a monster at its tier still)

  18. Fuzaneko

    MT-25 has armor that won't be overmatched by every single gun that it faces, and it weighs enough to ram low tier veichles… so there is always that :p