BEHIND THE SCENES – World Of Tanks Challenge

Let’s go behind the scenes of the World Of Tanks Challenge and see how it was made! This video was made in association with Wargaming, publishers of World of Tanks. New to World of Tanks? If you download the free to play game using YOGSCAST from this link you’ll get €15 of free stuff:

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  1. mystickatara

    Tom without his beard is just…weird, lol. I'm used to seeing the full beard he has now. xD

  2. MCFinalNinja FTW

    "I've got no shoes!"
    Wearing shoes

  3. James Deacon

    2:58 Pflax looked like some kind of teenage mastermind supervillan back then XD

  4. James Deacon

    now i know why tom decided to grow a beard

  5. Notaro

    No beard Tom is odd

  6. Hutchey04

    Lewis is wrong my birthday is June 21 and that's the longest day not June 20

  7. HeyJayWolf

    Lewis: joking about gays
    me: unsubscribes

  8. Olivia Elsey

    1:02 lewis looks like the girlfriend that refused to bring a coat, but it got cold so her boyfriend had to give her his hoodie, which he will now never ever get back

  9. • Inky

    The days when Sjin had hair and Tom didn't have a beard.

  10. Black Sheep

    In the making of this video, hundreds of dollars worth of rc tanks were wasted.

  11. TOXIC Milk Productions.

    Where they filming in the middle of a hurricane?

  12. Alejandro Lozano

    thanks brоooo

  13. Nayma Yashfi

    it woооrks for me

  14. karasawa21797

    Wow, Sjin's hair makes him look like a homeless person.

  15. Johnny Chan

    You guys are using Heng Long 1:16 Rc Tank.

  16. Sawney Bean

    Pyrion's glasses look as if they're going to fall of any moment.

  17. Matt Schlieper

    I want that Willys.

  18. SzyGuy

    Love it when you guys do these live-action things. Especially when Simon and/or Sips are present.