1. Brian Intro

    nothing special just Type 64 and LTTB did a good game rest were just lucky xD

  2. Karl Deets

    Heartbreak of the MONTH! Great idea!

  3. Daniel Lavrinenkl

    How do you get your replays to WG of NA?

  4. PropagandaPanda

    T29 had an awesome game and gets rewarded with -13.851 credits WITH premium… thats what i call fair! not.

  5. Chesty

    You should have seen the game where I got 98,087 coins for killing 4 people

  6. Malcolm Gillis

    how do you submit a replay

  7. nikol_oza

    where send this replays and this gold you give or how ?

  8. Man 03

    I made 9000 Damage with my m 41 90 gf, and you put this replay with less point damage

  9. Caleb Prado

    Rest in Valhalla.

  10. Fluffle Puffle

    Notice how they all fired premium shells.
    WG only rewards people who pay to play.

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