1. Aiden Coulter

    please put skorpion G back in shop for a cupple more days i really want to get one!!! please

  2. Brian Intro

    How can i send replays?

  3. Oswebb Gaming

    4:08 Erlenberg??? Thats Siegfried Line….

  4. Florian Rousseau

    xaneleon is the membre of the FAME no ?

  5. Caleb Prado

    They dont show the shells anymore…

  6. jimbob4447

    Siegfried line is now Erlenberg. GGnore

  7. S.E.A.L Team 6 commander Clemont

    That wasn't a JPZ E100, It was a Pzkpfw VII

  8. nikkolodian

    The highest amount of blocked damage I got from the IS-7 is just 9.9k. what a noob.

  9. e hyvari

    Well of course that leo have lot of gold in it, he is from Fame, and he is superunicum, right?

  10. MonsterGamerscz

    The Mountain goat appers. @xaneleon

  11. Shadow Hunter

    7:30, Skorpion gay ?

  12. spiralwhirlpool2366

    120k auto-ammo resupply.
    I just got cancer

  13. VillturDreki

    "proper turret," hey shaad-up!

  14. Nathen Kelly

    Blocks five times the hit points of their vehicle…
    Only a 2nd class.

  15. In the middle of WOP WOPS

    too much gold

  16. The Rebel

    do they accept console replays or only pc?

  17. Matt brix

    Gold ammo is getting toxic in tier 9s and higher. Even Type 5 couldn't hold them up. Maybe Limit and balance gold ammo and buff some stats except damage

  18. Megalo Horse

    Leo gets sniper medal…. only has 5 standard rounds and rest is gold…..

  19. oscar felix stinchcombe-jenkins

    erlenburg? sigfried line more like!

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