Best Replays of the Week International #59

In this episode we have: Brothers in Spähpanzers, some problems with MMO tactics, and several incidents with Sunday drivers. Let the battles commence!


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  1. Jackboy317

    when will the next episode come out?

  2. William wenter

    How i submit my video of my 10 kill T54E1

  3. Loyd Eastburn

    nice replays, but umm yeah the sub titles, and CC were off timing, and out of sequence

  4. R H

    Tried to watch, but there is this annoying squeaky fart during the voice-over. Ah, maybe its his voice. Wish the game really had this visual fidelity. No thx.

  5. Sergio González Torres

    I love how WG EU made an April fools joke out of their Replays of the Week while in WOT NA decided to keep it normal…

  6. Islacrusez

    Ru251 doing Ru251 things. Good show!

  7. Baschmii

    How do I submit replays? Just upload them to wotreplays?

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