1. TopazGamer Jr

    World of Tanks is my favorite game on 360.

  2. Beneteus der graue Wolf

    what can i say? Gold Spam!

  3. Christopher Vanoster

    firing apcr at arty, a grille, and a jadpanther 2. what a waste

  4. The Raging Potato

    "Nemanjia get's off to a stronk start."

  5. rietkraag1

    Best replay of the week, but you show a replay(the first one) from an older patch where there is no cooldown on the repairkit. Totally from this week

  6. Captain WEED

    1 OP Heavy Tank & 4 Premium Tank. Also, T25 Pilots going Full Gold Ammo.

    What did you expecting ?

  7. Shoji_WarThunder

    Here is a Challenge Wargaming. Next video is full of replays were not a single shell of premium ammo is fired, nor will there be any premium tanks as the hero. Accepted or Denied? Cmon surprise us.

  8. DreadlockedDreadnought

    Why would you give airtime to anyone who only stocks gold ammo no matter the tier. another case of WG promoting the gold spam . unsubscribed , Pull your heads outta your asses !

  9. Xray10111

    The late replay in was in that game I was the stv. And everyone was cussing at the Arty for " being bad "

  10. Dammit Jim

    Where's my Planet Tank 🙁

  11. Christophe Allard

    it's not heros !!! full gold ammo = no skill !!

  12. Underviv

    surprisingly no maus replay… hmmm looks like someone told them to stop showing the 13K blocked 10K dmg and 9kills replays that every retard in his op maus can get! Nice now you need to nerf it back to what it was before

  13. Steven James

    IS7 replay is from what patch/year/month? Guys, get it together and only get replays of this patch of maybe a month back… You would think WG is more competent.

  14. niclyx

    I swear the writers of this series never give Luke the proper pronunciation of tanks for shits and giggles.

  15. Nhat Minh

    Best replays of the week -> 9.17 and below replays. Great.

  16. Hikaru Lost

    People complaining about 'gold ammo', chill out. It's basically just a more expensive version of your normal ammo, and it's purchasable with credits. Everyone has access to it, take advantage of it instead of complaining in a youtube comment section.

  17. Tze Cherng Lim

    Did you know? Only in Soviet Russia, a yellow gun is more accurate !

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