BEST Starting Tank in World of Tanks!

World of Tanks – KV-1. Today ALPIN6373 is going to show you why I think the KV-1 is the best starting tank in World of Tanks!

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  1. Mohawk_Wolf55

    You talk about it being a great starting tank, yet, you show one that's hardly a starter. Fully upgraded, I can see how good it can be. I wonder what your opinion would be in a pure stocker with a crew that's 75%, or lower. Trust me, a stock KV-1 is a slug.

  2. HeroesLP

    The Best game i've ever had was with stock Tiger 1 with 9 Kills, but i hate myself that i didn't save that replay back in 2013 it was i think

  3. 99 Med

    I have Churchill 1 and it will destroy that shity KV-1 ( BTW Churchill wasn't in video )

  4. petar kruzic
  5. petar kruzic

    ,,big old gun
    on the kv one,,

  6. ACE Champion

    Why the KV1 over the T34…thoughts please

  7. arne poulsen

    yea yea but there is still alot off shit in this game that stupid aimcirkel for example, suddenly all u shoot start to miss or go in the ground-bounce or what they fint good, even on a distancen on 5 meter or less u can miss a enemy :/ and u can't do a shit about it.

  8. Athrael Emathors

    Yes, it was the Sturm Panzer, the original tier 3 german arty from back in beta.

  9. homie dinosaur

    5:40 fails to penetrate the electo………..

  10. vin4y

    my kv is very slow why?

  11. Elmalab

    after 2000 games i unlooked the kv-1. put in my 100% crew from the churchil III. didn't survive a single game of my first 10 yet.

  12. Kyrgyz Ball

    57 mm is too low damage,

  13. Kyrgyz Ball

    Kv2 path= For people who camp and don’t rush
    KV-1S= like Kv-1
    Mt 125= a piece of garbage

  14. TotalRookie_LV

    Common, it's tier V, not exactly the very start of the game, is it?

  15. Diceman82

    How is this a good example of what the tank can do? More than half of his targets had near zero chance of penning him and were all between orange and mega tomatoes. This is much less skillful use of the tank and much more clubbing puppies.


    I'd have a lot of fun with the M3 Lee I have a lot of medals for it though

    btw my wot accounts name is kbgimper search for my M3 Lee

  17. Alexander Kelly

    wait best starting is not t-22 proto american tank? also i just started watching your vids to git gud at WOT and man does it works! btw i already subscribed so thats that