BEST TANK IN GAME? – World of Tanks Console | Chieftain Mk. 6 Gameplay

BEST TANK IN GAME?  - World of Tanks Console | Chieftain Mk. 6 Gameplay

World of Tanks: Xbox One – Chieftain Mk. 6 Gameplay
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– SiNz



    E75 4ever :v

  2. James Koontz

    Just caught your stuff on Jingles… You have a new subscriber… Love having someone who puts out console footage. Chieftain is so awesome.

  3. Madara Uchiha

    I just remodeled my pc is4M to the cheftian mk 6 and added some cool sound effects amazing feel about it

  4. Grady

    gonna show this vid to my buddies who insisted on the 215b. I told em but they wouldn't listen ;'D. I just got the AX and have to have the Chieftan… though matters of circumstance and happy tanking in my tigers along with this tankbowl have led me to the E75 by pure play time.

  5. Christopher Stevens

    gave tanks trouble today in my Cromwell


    and they said that EET1 Osório is too modern for the game.

  7. Hell RaZuR

    The lakeville party chat was hilarious to say the least! butt hole references hmm I'm traumatized for the rest of the day lol

  8. Hell RaZuR

    Sinz I don't know what the song is in your intro but I like it and I really find your videos very impressive. As far as someone voicing their feelings via party chat I find nothing wrong with that (in reference to a negative comment below). Swindle's channel is awesome too! keep up the good work

  9. Erik I.A.

    waflle e100 #1

  10. Donna Jacobs

    Does xbox one ever get a test server

  11. KAD DAK

    This tank is damaged goodness. I just got it. I have the fv215b also.

  12. Chummy Mango The FiSh

    TBH I still prefer the fv215b over the chieftain, I'm not sure what it is but I just like it more

  13. xROJANBOx

    The hull armour shouldn't be bad, it was designed to bounce for day's frontally but i guess for balance reasons they've trashed the armour stats

  14. The King's Servant

    When are you going to learn…stop talking up great tanks!! The more you do this the faster WOT is going to nerf the crap out of it 🙂

  15. Aydon Hancock

    Great now we need the Abrams
    I not angry but might as ad it anyone remember their April fool joke by adding 3 other tiers adding modern tanks we already have it wont make a different Weill it would majorly but that's slowly coming true lol so much for it being a joke

  16. Josh Davidson

    Hey I'd be down if you wanna platoon up. I know predator. played with him a few times.

  17. Josh Davidson

    Is that predator xxix talking?

  18. Josh Davidson

    you auto aim so much

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