BEST WAY TO MAKE $-CREDITS-$ IN World of Tanks Blitz (updated)

This is an updated video of the original „best way to make credits“ video.
In this video I took into consideration that players not only wanted to make credits but win. Hence I encouraged:
– consumables
– „support fire“ instead of camping
I also clarified the tank loadouts and ways to make credits which confused people.

Thanks for your feedback on the last video and hope this video helps!

Intro music: Tobu & Syndec- Dusk
Background song: Waysons – Daydream


  1. Andy Lol

    Fuck his you phoney

  2. EclipseHDPX03

    What is the best tank to earn credits that’s not premium?

  3. anonymous pap

    How you go from vii to ix without viii??

  4. TWTD _


  5. Mikey Games

    LOL i got about 1k and i keep getting put in bad teams PLX HELP i cant afford even good ammo

  6. Ice Army

    Ok so, one tank, you should never rely in credit making is IS-3. It is horrible in terms of credits. Even when I win I sometimes go something like -700 credits.

  7. Achaiah Sabastian Cruz

    Easy way is sell the premium tank u dont like done

  8. Elias Mandrup Fisker MS4 Parkvejens Skole

    I have tier 4

  9. Elias Mandrup Fisker MS4 Parkvejens Skole

    I dont have that tank or tier 5-8

  10. Elias Mandrup Fisker MS4 Parkvejens Skole

    Pls make more videos in 2018