Bestest Tanks For Bushka World of Tanks Blitz

I get asked all the time for my favorite tank, and its incredibly difficult to answer because of the sheer number of vehicles in game and the constant drive to get this tank or that tank reviewed and filed away 🙂

Today i take time out for a very very long chat about what tanks i really drive at tiers 1 through 5 and if this works i’ll do some other tiers later on in the week 🙂


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  1. Wim Drenth

    Why did you not talk about tier 3?? There's a lot of great tanks there, too

  2. Mr.loltraktor

    the StuG is the best tier 5 turretless TD hands down
    I've successfully sidehug a lot of tanks (including the leopard) in the StuG
    I didn't choose the StuG life
    I was listed by the Wehrmacht and thank God they did

  3. Big SJK

    My favourites would be

    Tier 1: Ltr

    Tier 2: T2 light

    Tier 3: Bt 7

    Tier 4: luchs

    Tier 5: T49

    Tier 6: The jumbo

    Tier 7: SP1C (my favourite tank in the game)

    Tier 8: Ru 152

    Tier 9: tortoise

    Tier 10: E50 M

  4. Indignatio 1945

    The SuperPershing4Life

  5. Hotdogguy77 Hotdog

    bushka I have a mastery badge for loltracter

  6. LinkinPark Fan

    Who loves Fv215b (heavy) ?<3333333333333333

  7. Tim Smith

    Rush out and buy a Loltraktor!  For the lols!  LOL!!!  😉

    What Tier 2 tanks can you get SERIOUS about?  Apart from the T18?  Well, try the Cruiser III and the two Japanese tanks, the Chi-Ni and Ha-Go.  The Cruiser III has a great 40mm Pom Pom gun, less OP than it once was, but still worth trying.  And the Tier 2 Japanese tanks have SERIOUSLY fantastic gun depression, very accurate 3.7 cm guns, and a derpy 5.7 cm gun.

    The DW2 is ridiculously OP.  Giving it the 7.5 cm L/43 made it into a monster.  It dominates in Tier 4.

  8. Sergio González Torres

    I just got about 3.5 million and I'm ready for an update that does not take away something but instead gives something back!

  9. James Kim

    Hi guys! He…llo??


    If your looking to buy an account go on my channel and check my account im selling, it also has (25million credits and 2k gold )

  11. Samuel Cepek

    I'm a little late but the T-15 is an amazing tank with the equipment, 20rds per minute..
    But it still needs premium matchmaking or a AP pen buff

  12. PiggyMan

    he is hacking how he get so much free experience and gold

  13. The1Whit3Dragon Reborn

    Bushka for tier 6 pls don't overlook the Kv1s. It's my fav tank at the moment, and I fell it often gets overshadowed by the Kv2.

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