Beyond Dunkirk – World of Tanks

Beyond Dunkirk – World of Tanks

The miracle of Dunkirk formed the backdrop of our partnership with Warner Bros. for Christopher Nolan’s World War II action thriller, DUNKIRK.

World of Tanks takes you beyond Dunkirk in Epic WWII Tank Battles. Master the Battlefield, Never Surrender.

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  1. Hertman

    Quien lo diría Wargaming apollo a la película de Dunkerke..

  2. Prince Premsai

    [Hi suр guууs! u gоtta сhеck out this tооl my friеnd shoowееееd mееее

    I rесommеnd tо аll this, Wоrks rеаllууyу wеееll, I gоt аll for 9 minutes! its оn gооglе herе =>

  3. arif sevenfold

    This tool is crazу its on google here => creаtеd by russiaaaan hаckers……..

  4. Daniel Monea

    When they advertise it as a WW2 game and they releasing shitty anime tanks to make money.

  5. bietor 04

    Please give T-34 Even Type 64 My Account Is gki13jki

  6. Bails 64

    I see everyone memeing about "authentic ww2 tanks" but everyone seemed to miss the "rated T for team" at the start lmao

  7. lkchild

    Frankly this is despicable. The British tanks are completely messed up in WOT, and now you're crapping on the memory of those that died in them by pretending they're authentic. I know it's a game, and you need to tweak stats to sell it and make it playable, but if you're going to do that, don't present it as fact. We all have a duty to remember those that died accurately and with respect.

  8. Jack sparrow

    Wot help me and the other people that are having server issues I have been trying for nine days now if you don't help I'm quitting and filing a complaint

    Server:NA West

    Help us all! And I'm on Xbox 360

  9. Zombie Snipes

    Sheridan isnt an authentic WW2 tank. :I Why WG Why

  10. Kstewy 11

    "Expand your WW2 experience" ponders

    We love to expand our ww2 experience by…
    1. getting shat on by orbital laser cannons that NEVER miss
    2. Verse tanks that never existed, like jagaroos and E25s
    3. Get told to kill ourselves by our kindhearted teammates

  11. JerkyTrof

    Sadly Hitler didn't send in his Panzers so then there could be a temporary game mode

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