1. Alan Helton

    CHIEFTAIN, that was priceless… Running gear, who would have thought you are to MANEUVER in maneuver warfare???!!!

  2. Xaiver_Aziel

    How did you get the super close view in the second half?

  3. Daniel Mandujano

    i stopped the vid at 0:01 to read the article it said fat tuesday tanks drinking unhealthy amounts of cola and throwing "beads" at strangers

  4. Hirumi

    2:31 is there a setting for the viewing camera on spg ?

  5. Nathan Hansle

    all i heard was sky cancer, laser beaming one shot doom cannons and aids from above.

  6. Torresmu Oinc

    god create world of tanks, the devil create the SPG.

  7. Carl D

    I love the bit with the duck hiding under the bridge

  8. marsm9

    Excellent vid. Most arty don't seem to know about that SP part…hopefully they watch this…

  9. timebomber

    there is a thing as controversial WG .your new premiums

  10. TheVioletLightning 013

    can't wait for that arty nerf they said was coming.

  11. Anton Liljekvist

    There's nothing to learn about playing with artillery.

  12. Shadow

    When you guys don't like to get killed by the enemy arty then say your own one to counter it. That's easy as hell and the enemys loose their support.

  13. Vytenis Kajackas

    Just make an indicator when arty is aiming at you ~15 metres around you and its balanced… is it that hard?

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