1. Nictostedt

    That´s the Power of German Engineering 🙂

  2. Pratik Okker

    My first car was a VW Golf MK3. Great car ! Never problems with it. Sold it with ~180.000 Miles ;..(.. .

  3. ItchyKneeSon


  4. Guilherme Arruda

    Chip Foose, the best design of World.

  5. enzo grande

    wow this music and chip foose explaining how he felt is amazing! really awesome!

  6. Dopienator

    my first car is a VW Golf mk1 convertible 1984 GLI (1.8DX GTI engine) it was a wreck when i bought it. needed some body work, new paint(stock Pewter Gray), new top,new interior(black leder) yust to keep it cool and stock now it can drive another 29years. my family are all BMW drivers but i won’t drive a bmw. the golf has its own character and I love it

  7. JoJoXishs

    Watch BALKAN DRAWINGS on my channel ….. btw big respect to CF :D

  8. mcbe990

    Do you all remember?
    Our first car…?
    The smile on your face when you saw it standing outside through the window from your room after hours and hours you spent repairing it and fixing it up the hole day.
    This unique body shape.
    The feeling all the mornings when you opened the door, sat in, turn the key and hear this sweet engine sound.
    Put the first gear in, and drive to school or to work thinking your car is the best one of the world..
    I guess all these emotions can only give old cars…

  9. FocaLSniping

    Nice man im bout to get an 86 vw gti i cant wait hope this little baby will treat me good.

  10. luzjohnson47

    I love car and its good to know that u can desenin a car

  11. unchainmybrain

    What’s the song?

  12. iNf3rNuSdI4bLuS1

    be proud of, it got the very same mk2. giving it some work right now

  13. iNf3rNuSdI4bLuS1

    Das Auto…

  14. tidus1384

    eeeeyyyyyyyyyyy fuse mk1 is a clasic car to

  15. iENJOIskating209

    my first car was and is my 91 mk2 jetta that i got for $300.ran perfect and nothing major wrong with it,just the minor interior work. i am slowly doing more things to it and i got it some nice bbs rims. I love that no one else in town has a car like mine

  16. 23luckyno

    My first car, was a 1971 vw kombi or „bus“ I wasn’t looking for it at the time I never really thought about owning one. I was walking down the street and saw it with a 4 sale sign. I asked the guy how much after checking it out he said 2000 i only had 1200 and I got it down to 1200 Its the greatest thing ever and no one i know has one and i’m only 17

  17. StreetfighterCologne

    where did you park the car ?? in the fucking ocean ?? and why did you by a german car if you hate them so much ? you talk bullshit my friend … loads of it !!

  18. jeffefreire

    fico ruinzinho pro nivel da foose

  19. alex3012red

    my first car was a 75 rabbit, bought it at junk yard, not wrecked just neglected, rebuilt the motor and went from there, it was a 5 year hard earned money project, i actually nevered finished the car(how i wanted it to be). but still loved the car, til it was stolen.this was back in the 80’s, now iam working on a 58 lowlight convertible.(my second project of my life). this one i should have no problem finishing it.(hopefully). I might give foose a call to get some help with the paint.and wheels

  20. huntercaliph007

    This is art….


    isn’t so hard to have a better love story than Twilight ;)

  22. luminaeus

    Battered wives have a better love story than Twilight.

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