1. Philippe MAITRE

    Je pense que ce char va me faire quitter les tiers 8 à 10. Voire quitter WOT

  2. Dan Channer

    Where can WG go next? This tank was clearly released to boost their quarterly figures. What will they release next quarter? Another 6 months at this rate and the game will be for wallet-warriors only and the majority of the player-base will leave.

  3. Mr X

    I hate those potatoe gun tanks, whats the point? ,they are not going to make any money if you have to shoot gold all the time

  4. william head

    Funny how it want from it's OK to have OP armor to it is an outrage. Oh and someone knows how to pen. the front of the Chrysler because they are getting killed from the front a lot. Even I kill this tank from the front. (wheelbox) is soft just on the upper side of it.

  5. Da Cat

    Today i played only GW Panther 😀 i hunted every Chrysler i saw 😀 focused them like crazy

  6. Ed

    It's a business, the game exist because of players paying for digital products, Wargaming is finally figuring this out. Why pay 40 to 50$ for crappy tanks ? Freeloaders pay up or stay cannon fodder. * (26 tier X's and most premiums, crappy and op). By the way the K car is a terrible credit maker, therefore not a good premium, but one hellova fun tank to play. Get one.

  7. Rolfus Troli

    I love my Chrysler… what you on about?
    It's not OP and its not needed to shoot prem amo… LTP stop crying…

  8. Just for LOLZ

    How else do you expect War gaming to get players to part with their cash!? Who wants to buy an average premium tank?
    This game is free after all.

  9. tommysil

    This tank is NOT OP, NOT, play it and you will see tier 8s pen you with no more trouble than any other tank.

  10. giannhs oikonomou

    Por IS6

  11. Billy 2Guns

    Making Tier 10 match to expensive has also ruined the game. Why play tier 10 when you can win the match and still loose extreme amounts of credits…especially when everyone slings prem ammo.

  12. Wildboy0001

    lol what happens when you face an is7 with this tank?
    is7 will be hopeless helpless with his stupid low pen gun,also with use of gold its senseless!
    wow wg,we all love you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for doing this and killing wot even more and more and more and more!