COBI World of Tanks SU-85 – Brick Builder Toys – Lego Speed Build

SU-85 – compactible with Lego bricks
COBI Su-85 model is equipped with movable cannon with regulated shot angle, two operable trap doors and bonnet. A figure of a soldier has a rifle and binoculars.

Pieces: 350 pcs
Minifigures: 1

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• 425 blocks
• 1 figure – Soviet tank driver
• Block replica of weapon – machine gun DP28
• Blocks with pad printing
• A sheet of stickers with emblems and inscriptions in Russian
• Easy to follow instruction manual
• Two game codes (for new and regular players)
• Compatible with other leading brands of construction blocks
• Model dimensions: 290mm x 120mm x 100mm (length x width x height)

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  1. MiChU102 G2A

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    То чуство когда канал английский, а даже на танке есть русские надписи )))))

  6. Friday Harlowe

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  7. MLGDogesqaud

    Why have dis when you have warthunder

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    I like bulid tanks my t-34 102.

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