CS:GO run on Intel i3-3120M and GeForce 710m

CS:GO run on mid-level laptop.
Laptop spec: Procesor: Intel i3- 3120m- 2.5GHz
Video: Nvidia GeForce 710m- 2Gb DDR3, 64bit
Ram: 4 Gb DDR3 1600 mHz
HDD: 5400 rpm
Rec with Bandicam.
WIth Bandicam- max 60 FPS at low settings
Without Bandicam- max 130 FPS at low settings
– max 100 FPS at medium settings


  1. Lupu Rednic

    am aceeasi placa video si procesor

  2. Raketenwerfer HD

    could you send the link to you actual drivers?

  3. Bron Bron

    Whats your setting man