Czechoslovakia: Tier I to Tier VI Done In One Sitting – Ride Along with RONIN 47R – WOT Console

Czechoslovakia: Tier I to Tier VI Done In One Sitting - Ride Along with RONIN 47R - WOT Console

.@wotconsole Czech Tier I-Tier VI in one sitting. Watch the shortened video and pick your favorite tanks.

In this video I grind the Czechoslovakian tank line from Tier I through Tier VI in just a few hours but the video is less than one hour. Grab some popcorn and check out the line. See how the tanks move, fire, and just plain see what they can and can’t do. My favorites so far are Tier III and Tier VI. I love those autoloaders!

Ride Along videos are where I comment over the game play while it is occurring. The discussion occurs throughout and sometimes incorporates other players in game chat. Either way the talk varies and can be on almost any topic. =)

Featured Gamers:
[47R] RONIN 47R



  1. David Collins

    this is moldytadpol good to c u grind I look 4 u all the time in battle hoping to get in a game with u thx 4 ur time

  2. steven liston

    I feel this has given me some insight as to how the Czech line should be ran
    I had given a notion towards using the GLD paired with vents and removing the Rammer, now seeing this I shall definitely try it.
    As well, I do feel some sort of pull towards these tanks, being a light tanker almost solely, they have a big Lite Tank feel to them.

    Another great vid, Ronin. Thanks for the explanation on the pros and cons of them

  3. james bonnar

    do you recommend using camo netting on your tanks.

  4. Frank B

    I got up to tier 5 and gave up, I thought everything in this line was garbage. I really hated playing the premium tank. I got rid of the whole line. Maybe I will try the tier 4 or 5 again but not likely.

  5. Joe Scorpion

    once you fully upgraded the tier 6 it's smooth sailing from there honestly the tier 6 feels… OP ?

  6. Alonso Franco

    I was on when the update released and you could see all the players that gold boosted all the way to tier 10

  7. leovaeg

    LT = Lehký Tank = lightweight tank
    ST = srednei Tank = medium tank

    Looking forward to the Czechs, that t3 autoloader looks like fun 😀


    why do you have so few subs your ace Scotland loves you

  9. YeOldeGamer

    30:20 Your skills and perks are active even if you haven't mastered the tank yet, except the one currently being trained. Otherwise your Sixth Sense wouldn't work either.
    Anyway, I used free XP to unlock the Tier 5 and played about ten games. That tank certainly doesn't like getting hit. I think in half the games I lost my ammorack and radio operator or driver. Definitely have to adapt a more sneaky, flanking playstyle.

  10. malk1275

    am on tier 5 the now 🙂 great vid aswell

  11. Acidfiend On Xbox One

    I HATE the t 25, it definitely shouldn't be a tier 6 going up against tier 8s. I finally unlocked the auto loader but I'm definitely still struggling with this tank

  12. Jim Cameron

    Sir Ronin, I applaud your quick rise through the tank tree. I anguished, but alas a possible tank crew strategy: if you transfer your crew from Tier 1 to Tier 5 spending only silver on the 75% crew train option, you can (a) clear out your crew clutter; (b) reduce the cost overall by recycling the same crew. Lastly, I hit Tier 5 this morning and the gun is quite good in my opinion. It has a nice crisp snap, quick aim, and puts pen and alpha downrange nicely. I have a soft spot for the Czechs because they were ahead of others, including Britain, with respect to tank design and the Germans benefitted from their early occupation and acquisitions. I also had a crush on a beautiful Czech girl in my neighborhood when I was 10. Her name was Lanka and one day I teased her by dubbing in her name to an ABBA chorus. She cried, I was heartbroken and ashamed, but fortunately her protective Czech mom march across teh street to set the record straight with me on proper pronounciation by first, confirming Czech style that I was the Jim Cameron who made Lanka cry and second, launch a crisp, sharm, left open hand hook to my open mouth. I had new found respect for the Czechs after that and always gave them the board space in hockey (don't Check the Czeck!). Saludos to you!

  13. Josef Stalin

    its also nice to see that u didnt use ur surplus of free xp to just blast to the tier 7 or 8

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