1. Сергей Лопух

    ради этого собирать столько народа.. я думаю разрабы и не такое смогут повторить

  2. Oscar Baron

    ja ja ja ja

  3. KurumiBS

    music?? remix?

  4. O'Bricky

    WoD World of Dance 😀

    By the way: does anybody know what's the name of the music?

  5. Jacob Turxotte

    So funny!!!

  6. Eddy Maloule

    Great work. Those LTP's are so cute 🙂

  7. shouqie azlan

    Looks like they were doing warming up routine

  8. FederalNetwork

    Looking back at this, it should have more views

  9. PROH777

    The very definition of organized stupidity…

  10. ordan


  11. Marc G

    Hahahaha kijk dit

  12. 神猶盛矢

    Cute lol

  13. Karmazyn112

    Please name music ;d

  14. 이건희

    They are so cut and funny!

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