Day 1 Ratings Battles I Found My Tank World of Tanks Blitz

It was a tough day at the office to start before I found my mojo and started rocking out the IS-4! Its a long long way from done yet though and each day seems to bring a different challenge in ranked battles.

Till the next instalment though heres day 1 of Ratings 🙂

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  1. dj wilderbeast

    Just started

  2. dj wilderbeast

    My best tank is Cromwell

  3. James Bovan

    Buska Please say Gg in Team chat people really hate When other Say Gg on world chat It's really making other Upset


    Ive lost more battles since the update thanks to the shit teams i have. No matter what i do the little fucking gay kids suck there dicks and make us lose. Its not because i suck because i have 53.45% win rate and 1.2k average damage

  5. Dark Tronics

    I'm in diamond league in 2 days

  6. Umar Fauzi

    I admit I was an anti-capper until I saw this vid
    Should probably watch more Twister cup games like you do Mr.B

  7. Sneezy Poko

    WOW A ORGANISED WOTB BATTLE??!?!?Pinch me I'm downloading this again

  8. Bestimus Mucho

    I absolutely agree, this is exactly what the game needed. I'm still in the gold league on NA but even that is night and day to what I've ever experienced. No chat unless it's constructive or helpful direction and players know the role of the different tanks.You can run off to a great sniping spot in your e50 m and the team doesn't Yell at you for deserting them

  9. Jahmai Depusior

    The bad thing about rating battles Is that when you get a higher rank, you get put in matchmaking with people with the lowest rank to balance the average rating. This means you have to carry harder and is the same as random battles

  10. James Liar

    I do that all the time putting pressure upon opponents by capping. it's about the team mates…that ratings has helped us out about.

  11. James Liar

    it happens all the time…when you play for fun…not for winning. rating helps out a bit tho.

  12. Michael Kang

    Rigging is worse than regular battle for nonspenders

  13. Bob Jones

    Bushka, I'm thinking about getting either the AMX 50 B or the T62A. Which one do you think I would be more successful with in rated battles based on the role tanks are supposed to play? Both tanks will fit my playstyle fairly well, I averaged 60% in both the T-54 and AMX 50 120 after a couple hundred battles.

  14. bigmabajama _

    I've been pretty successful in the T30

  15. Killzor.

    i have won 12 games out of 12 games in maus. 4.6k rank


    is it normal to have 2200 ratings? cuz i saw a few players with that number of ratings