1. John Jenkins

    same music omfg

  2. ZodeakUrganomix

    Omg same voice actor as E.E. in Metal Gear Solid 2!

  3. blabla5468

    Rechyyy, are you going to buy Diablo III after u played Diablo III beta ?

  4. TheRushfx

    lol so many wow player sthink thi sgame is a mmorpg, dissapointment incomming their way lol

  5. warthriller

    Wow it looks awesome! Wish I was in the beta 🙁

  6. MrPlex0r

    Cool freu mich schon drauf

  7. HeavySandvichGuy1

    rechyyy, are you going to play DotA 2?

  8. KaiNogard

    Me Gusta

  9. RemusNeo

    By the force i control your mind to click my name and then subscribe!

  10. Okankiller

    Hhaahah made my day xD

  11. Speguuu

    I just wish they would make a game that would be more like Diablo 1… 🙁

  12. iamRANEg

    Oh my god, im so jelly *-*

  13. GrafikEXE

    @clayman90 hast du auch einen Gw beta KEY? wen ja vergleich die Games mal. 🙂


  14. Taimur Qureshi

    Beat thing about u is that u care bout ur subscribers by actually responding to their questions. Keep it up and upload mire epic vids

  15. Kruxxy

    Just wanna know why is the game released soooo long? They announced the official trailer like 3 to 4 years ago.

  16. heroXdavid

    the french build the eifel tower faster than blizzard`s diablo 3..FACT

  17. RaVenROx o

    Wann kommt diablo 3 raus?

  18. Shadowoftime1337

    Looks so good!

  19. point7zero7

    holy fuck me too

  20. clayman90

    haha =P

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