1. Raxisabominae

    Olaf has afantastic voice. He was great singing this live, bit melodramatic, but just awesome… raw power

  2. mrock3478

    it’s most beautiful song

  3. sneasalmaster

    This guy has such a beautiful voice…

  4. TmaadHMD

    Very beautiful song.

  5. FatKidWithACookie

    Wow. Not what I was expecting but very nice

  6. 6ArIeL6MeTaL6

    Melodia perfecta y voz igual de perfecta…
    Es impresionante lo epico q se escucha…

    Ecuchen imperio, es una banda argentina q creo q a los q les guste dragonland les va a agradar imperio

  7. FroZeNarki

    love.. 🙁

  8. Julio Sperling

    in a restaurant dude!

  9. steeeve1989

    Hey all! I love this song, heard it the other day and forgot i even had it on my computer. I’ve tried my best to play it by ear but i cant seem to get it. Does anyone know where i can get Piano Sheet Music for this song (free download preferably)
    Please get back to me

  10. xxblueogre

    i got this song stuck in my head …

  11. GuitarOverLord

    If I could turn back time My precious love would be alive …..

    This Part Is Awesome …

  12. DeanForce


  13. LimnReally

    Ye I’m about to buy their albums, but it’s always tricky with such bands because some CDs have to be imported and stuff so it takes ages or costs much money.

  14. ragnaught219

    may we never have to walk alone, through the pain of solitude, tears, depression… i know all these… it’s hard… so in a way, this song has a special meaning to me… but i need more dragonland songs…
    still, 5 stars, it’s a great song.

  15. Stephen Wheeler

    This is my favorite song from them on my favorite of their CD’s.

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