Dumb Ways to Die – Episode 1 || WOT Blitz ||

In collecting game footage for some Tier 2 game play reviews, I was killed in one of the dumbest ways possible. This is a true example of why it is impossible to have a 100% win rate in this game. Check out episode 1 of what I am sure is to be many dumb ways to die.

If you guys have some footage of dumb ways to die, I would love to share it with our community. Thanks

Get Smart, Not Fingered


  1. Dan S.

    Oh man, I don't think anything sucks as bad as "teammates" that do that…

    So close to flipping you over though, I look forward to more of these!

  2. Ed Kuryluk

    Ouch! That was ugly. He was prob driving while in sniper mode. Good video. I made a similar one. Actually, it's all my own stupid moves.

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