E-25 First person view battle! ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM! (World of Tanks Xbox)

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Music used is from my network Creative Nation.

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  1. Smouse Smouse

    Its good.glad i watched it. Cheers Cosmic. 🙂 😉

  2. Basih

    I woould like that PoV in the pc game… It looks so cool

  3. bluhousworker

    26:00 I would have been dropping shells on your head as often as possible if I were the arty on the other team. That position on the mountain next to the light house can be essential.

  4. Lifeguard Mike

    Gotta love angry Frenchmen, and Monty Python quotes 🙂

  5. Evan Gohlke

    Thank you for killing the ELC driver! He hates me, I just annoy him 🙂

  6. biostein

    nice one cosmic, (oops indeed) never seen a tank last so long up on the lighthouse, like the AMX, their normally the first to die.

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