E 25 Guide & Review + Ace Tanker – World of Tanks

My guide & review of the E25 German tier 7 premium tank destroyer. Also includes two ace tanker replays of my own and hints and tips on how to play – or how to beat – this tier 7 terror!

E25 – Get Em‘ While They’re Hot:

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  1. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    i use 15 premium shels.. and by the way earing this video now (allmoust 3 years later) makes me see the diference on your "sound gear and setings" what a diference they are far far better these days.

  2. KOS762

    good times

  3. davout71

    I am terrible at this tank. I have an awful win rate on it. It isn't the tank, it's me!

  4. Zeepth

    I hate that you have to pay gold for premium rounds

  5. mrcannotfindaname

    I really like this old gun sound!

  6. WarGamersNL - WGNL

    If you look at the pictures from the new German HT lines, you can see some of the other lines, and you can see this: Dicker Max -> E 25 -> Ferdinand… pretty weird isn't it?…..PNG
    look at that…

  7. Icarus gaming

    shame on you Jedi, teaching people to play that cockroach…

  8. Miguel Cardoso

    omg this tank is just amazing just got mine today and it is truly worth it

  9. Martein Ruitenbeek

    Hi AgingJedi,

    I got a love and hate relationship with this tank.
    I die within the first few minutes or I got a fairly good game.

    Just a little note, which might aid
    Like the AMX ELC Bis, you can use the handbrake.

  10. petti78

    I just bought one! 1 game done, lots to follow 🙂

  11. KalloXX

    wtf i got 3k dmg and 9 kills and i didnt get acetanker ?!?!?!?

  12. WarGamersNL - WGNL

    Story Time I guess!?…
    It is my favorite tank even though I never had it. 1 year (and a little bit longer ago :P) I read that the E 25 was gonna get withdrawn from the premium shop, but I wasn't intrested. A little later I went to see what it actually was for tank, and well … I hated myself that I didn't do some research earlier to found out what it was! xD And know it is my favorite tank, at least I have a model E 25 :P. But it was a good review about the E 25;)

    BTW This was whrited on Google Translate (I'm good at English but I'm too lazy), so sorry for the horrible english from GT, #SpellingCorrections

  13. slacko1971

    I know this is a really old upload but just wanted to say I think my E25 is broken (can't possibly be me right) I seem to get spotted and wrecked far more easily than other drivers. I want to love it as it really suites my play style using bush mechanics and spotting distances but I just don't seem to be able to find spots on the map where I can get the gun to sing.
    Is this down to the maps these days being more corridor or just me being a nub?

  14. Tobias

    Thanks for the video 🙂 do you have any tips for when put in a city map or a map without much flanking potential?

  15. Tobias Gerlach

    thank you for your review. very imformativ and well executed. As a proud e25 owner myself i gathered additional tipps and tricks. thank you so much =) . greetings from cologne, germany =)

  16. Endyrym

    do you play on a mac?

  17. Cold Phusion

    What XVM do you run?

  18. SnuggleWarrior6

    Witch one would any one recoumend the E25 or the Jagtiger 88 im on xbox so there still here.i just want a fun money maker.i know ill like these tanks but if you have had any experince in them witch one did you like the most? and did they perform good by todays standereds?

  19. PervertedSensei

    How many battles did you played with the E25?
    I believe it's pretty addictive right

  20. Bence L.

    There was just one thing i didnt understood. U kept telling the whole time that u will run out of AP ammo and u will need to fire premium. But u still wasted 6-8 shots AP on the t29. Why havent u swapped to premium?