1. Marco Polo Erceg

    E75 te king of critical hits lol i love my but some times it cant hit anything

  2. David Scott

    I agree with everything you said about this tank, I plan on buying it back later on, as it is better for its tier than the E100, in my opinion. The E100 is fun, it is just that the E75 was more dominating.

  3. Cyber Swiper

    "If not played properly it can get taken out quickly…" I have one and that's why I'm watching this review:)

  4. Ian Scott

    They need too lower the prices on shells that a have a rate of fire greater than 7 it ridiculous how much money I've lost on the tier 9/10 mediums (t-54 1000 per shell 6.44 reload speed, tiger 252 per shell 5.78)

  5. malk1275

    thanksz for the info on it am about a week away from getting it 🙂

  6. Adam Lawrence

    Oh the ear looking things on the side of the turret are vulnerable to being pend by some tier 8's and most tier 9's and tier 10's. Granted they're very small and near impossible to hit outside of face hugging scenarios but keep that in mind.

  7. Kenneth Salvio Jr

    you sure have xp on those tanks lol convert those lol

  8. Phawy

    im only dreaming of tiger 2 but you….. you have everything! so nice man

  9. Wraith Calling

    I love the E75 my favorite Tier 8 Heavy.. I just don't play it enough.

  10. Mile End Park

    Channel keeps growing mate, well done

  11. Meds Nevsor

    I had both the ST-I and the E75 and I kept the ST-I over this because of the armour and gun handling on the ST-I is better

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