E-75 Review & Guide + Ace Tanker – World of Tanks

My guide & review of the E-75, one of the German tier 9 heavy tanks. And its a good one! In this video I go through the strengths and weaknesses of this tank, showing you how make the most of its armour and how you need to look after it.

More German Tank gameplay:

More E-75 gameplay:


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  1. Awesomelord101

    Its like a Tiger II with 25 extra tons of armor and gun

  2. Aivaras K

    just got my ace tanker on my e75 and almost go the second mark of excelence, i luv playing this tank one of my favourites

  3. SteelWarrior115

    I heard "ammo rack" and I instantly ammo racked an e75

  4. Maros Kozej

    The second Game i can feel for that enemy E-75 I know whis situation … 😀 I have the 105 68 gun too 😀 it sucks when y ou meet a full E-75 and you have everything but the gun 😀 you were a bit lucky taht he didnt have the top gun

  5. Maros Kozej

    I think you got the Turret armor a bit jammed with the hull numbers 😀 but we still love you 😛 2:48

  6. WhatDidYouSay 145

    Nice review! I recently got my E-75 gonna grind so hard now for top engine, turret and gun!

  7. Robbie Santos

    is there any chance to increase its accuracy?

  8. Mattie Dumbrill

    Where did u get ur intro?

  9. joey8obby

    I would love to toon with you! But sadly, I play on the mobile version.

    Keep up the good work!

  10. Golem WoT

    On track… doing the Tiger 2. I think my crew is already better than yours 😀 haha… Already have BIA on them anyway. And I will probably hold off until I get at least an ACE on the tiger 2. 

  11. Stoeptegel/Curbstone

    got the e75 a few weeks now.. just not fully upgraded it yet.. but if ur intrested perhaps a platoon sometime.. 😉 thmx for the video ! good to see weakness and strenght of this tiger2 on steroids… B)

  12. Ben Thompson

    Great video, and excellent duel with the other E-75.  Thanks!

  13. ilarionas avgoustou

    nice you join circ clan 🙂 that will help you a lot

  14. Hanz G

    Nice review Oake!

    Agree with others…prefer this tank to E-100, esp the gun.

    While the alpha of the E100 is great…the E-75 has a far more reliable gun…and its surprisingly mobile for such heavy tank.

    Definitely the highlight of the German heavy line.

  15. Locked

    nice games 🙂

  16. tabacila

    Nice. I'm just about to dump my Tiger I and move up to the Tiger II. Can't wait for the E75.

  17. Roust Fps

    Absolutely one of my favorites!! Great vid mate!

  18. Jonas Lazauskas

    I acually prefer E-75 over E-100

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