E 75 – Top Tank, Tense Endings! – World of Tanks

Couple of great replays with very tense endings featuring the E 75, one the best heavy tanks in WoT.

Lowe after 9.17 buffs
E 75 Review (older)


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Is this where World of Tanks is heading? „Premium Ammo Spam – The Future of World of Tanks?“

Let me know your thoughts!


  1. AgingJedi

    One of my older videos now, but if anyone is interested heres my review of the E 75.

  2. icervoid

    Well done, lord Aging Jedi.
    Everything work how i have foreseen ……..

  3. Panzermeister36

    Legendary shot into the Skorpion at the end!

  4. denis chiarotti

    Min 14:38 autoaim??? Look at

  5. Jason O'Flaherty

    Any advice for new player ive got tiger 2 full, an e 25

  6. David Bourland

    Pray for me on my Tiger II grind. So slow, now enough armor and mediocre gun. Not to mention this new mm keeps putting me in T10 matches.

  7. dc_geo

    finnaly, someone said it, the massive difference between tier 9 tanks and those below, FINALLY !!! 🙂 My first T9 was Obj 704 and it was then i saw the diff, every game over 2k dmg dmg and my first game was 6k dmg, something i never got consistently untill that moment . Now i have E75 (not top gun but still better results than Tig II ) and T54 (i'm not high skill but it doesn't seem that OP when usually fighting T9-10)

  8. Angel Zambrano

    Nice video…

  9. DrIzZiT50

    nice  1

  10. T.J. Kerssens

    Tier 9 is kinda sealclubbing. blocked 9.7k damage being top tier e75 becaus i first ignored tier 7s like t43, at7, Tiger, etc.. was on sandriver defence

  11. SteelWarrior115

    I am a real bully in my E 75, if I had rear initial corner fight I would have pressured the heck out of the is, tiger 2, and t54e1

  12. NiteDog

    Another entertaining replays. Thanks AJ

  13. DrIzZiT50

    nice 1

  14. Krampus

    Aaaaaaawesome! Love this tank!

  15. Jason Maglaqui

    The second replay uses a weak engine or has a low trained driver

  16. Alexander Agustine

    lol the blind shot was amazing !

  17. Cobra6 Gaming

    Tier 9 is basically Preferential Matchmaking 😀 It's one of the best tiers to play in this game as you only ever going to get +1 MM and your gun is more than good enough to compete with T10 tanks.

    Tier 8 Pref MM tanks generally still have trouble with T9 heavy tanks (IS-6 / Type59) where T9 tanks have no trouble with T10 heavy tanks.

  18. Steven James

    Idiot 110s… Typical game losers.

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