E50 – Review & How To Play The E50 – World Of Tanks – WOT

E50 - Review & How To Play The E50 - World Of Tanks - WOT

Within this video I show you a few statistics about the E50, the tier 9 German medium tank.

I then show you 2 replays that show you what makes the E50 a great tank and also a few low points about the tank which some might find annoying !

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  1. David Williamson

    20k away from the e50. What's the grind to the top gun like?

  2. Helt Utrolig

    I've gotten this, but have to use the gun from the Panther II for a while. (Not enough free xp.) Any advice? My crew for this is quite good, 25% on fourth skill/perk.

  3. Lor_


  4. Pedro Catarino

    I got to say you brought me that good old felling of wishing to play a specific tank… E50 and 50M are on my wishlist since I started WOT. But im lazy and no prem account… you know… the grind is real. I'm going to give it a try again.

  5. Abdelaziz Farhi

    Good review mighty

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