Fighting Girlfriend T-34 REVIEW! || World of Tanks Xbox/PS4

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  1. Micky rambo

    Get in cosmic bout time you got you got the recognition you deserve

  2. Erin Coles

    Mate, this is the shittest premium tank I've spent my money on… Shit accuracy, shit dmp, shit amor, just shit everything, I just hate that 76 mm gun mate I just hate it

  3. David Martin

    Dude. Cosmo, buddy! Write out the points you want to make BEFORE you start up the camera. Then you refer to your outline as you go. Less "umm, umm"s. You would actually have the numbers you need at your fingertips.


    not interested in it at all. Still want the T-34-85m more. Not sure why we can't have it. Love the T-34-85. but goddamn it needs a reload buff.

  5. ThumperE23

    The T-34/57 was an experimental tank that was to give the tank a better Anti-Tank Punch, only ten or eleven were ever made…so it wasn't fictional… Thank you for the review.

  6. Frank B

    I took one out today! I drove strait at 'em He/she missed me twice.

  7. ExPDsniper

    You saved me some money, thank you.

  8. Frank B

    Aim time is a major point of contention for Me. You have saved Me gold.

  9. Frank B

    your great Cosmic! keep up the videos.

  10. Felt Xx

    Match making ???? And seems like another pointless piece of shit . No view range !!! #wank. I'm a start doing my channel ripping wargaming

  11. The GamingGuy

    I'm still confused why people would by this it's basically the T-34 from the tech tree but with a female crew am I wrong.


    Well, I've got this, mainly out of sentiment because I like the history. My husband has the tech tree T34 which is superior with the 57 gun, however, I quite like playing tanks that are a bit of a challenge.

  13. Barry Hammond

    Good on u

  14. PocketLizard NL

    Yes! A loaner tank! Hopefully not the last one, great vid as usual. Thanks!

  15. Ice Cool

    Its worse then my tech tree T-34. i use the faster reloading cannon.

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