AMX 38 is a good ×heavy tank× in my opinion

  2. Adonisplayz Kidscraft YT

    “The Duck Migration”

  3. Block2Life_YT [FINDU]

    AMX 40:LE QUACK!

  4. World of tanks blitz

    Screw the low tiers they are garbage for me R35 is complete crap for me

  5. Tong Wang

    The duck’s turret

  6. Tong Wang

    There’s a weak point on the back of the turret which can easily be penned by he.

  7. Adam King

    I saw u in a battle u friended me im Deztroyer of deez nutz

  8. Nathan Hancock

    Sees Otto and still wonders why he left lol

  9. Sahra A Hassan

    What sever r u in birdmaster

  10. World of tanks blitz

    Hmm why do pros play at such low tiers? I thought they were pros. Pros are suppose to fight at high tiers

  11. The EXAM

    Birdmaster, i bet you will love the AMX ELC bis, and hate the AMX 12 t >:D

  12. The EXAM

    AMX 40 = Matilda on steroids

  13. Troll MasterFTW77

    Why didn't you use the 37mm gun on the R35? It has 48mm of pen and fairly nice accuracy for tier 2 at 0.39

  14. Bruh m8

    For me Tier 2 3 and 4 france is depressing except for UE( if you already have the 6 pdr AT Gun Mk IV) and AMX 40 (what i mean by depressing is the tank is always give bad luck)

  15. Lan Le

    Angry_Bird can I join FLOCK

  16. Steven Small

    Nice you got bacn on track

  17. Paxton Rhoads


  18. 1jio_2

    Boi I have the tier 7

  19. Shadowsoul 24

    R25 is a med not a hvy