Fortified Areas of Europe. Top 3 – World of Tanks

What is the most powerful line of defense? How much does it cost to fortify an area? Where were the most famous fortifications located, and what was their length? Find the answers in this video.

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  1. Turbo Conquering Mega Eagle

    check your stock footage a bit better, no one wants to see a scamel Pioneer when you are talking about German truck and trains….

  2. Jasper van Houdt

    15:07 yeah… should have used Stalinium, not concrete

  3. Richardsen

    I strongly disagree. Far be it from me to be a frog fanboy, but the Maginot Line did its job: free up an enormous amount of manpower that would have been needed to man the frontier opposing Germany. Those divisions could instead be concentrated (along with the expected BEF) near Belgium. The Maginot Line did exactly what it was meant to do: force the Germans to attack through Belgium, where the French and the British would be expecting them. The fact that both the British and the French failed spectacularly is not to blame on the Maginot Line itself.

  4. Andrea Roll

    because who needs a wall with belgium, it's not that they already invaded us passing right there 25 years earlier

  5. Jack Cleveland

    I know a place in connecticut in westerly where their is a place like that to shoot and warn off ships back in ww2 the guns are gone but some stuff in buried and their is shackles on the wall. My mom found a flash light their

  6. Jb alindayo

    how about the great Wall of China..

  7. Owen West

    I was pretty sure the Great Wall would be first 😉

  8. Thomas Altorfer

    Those length and expenses are soon to be Trumped by the Mexican Wall. And their uselessness as well.

  9. Yanuchi Uchiha

    uhm… have you ever been to albania? it has more bunkers and tunnels than the rest of eurpe combined

  10. JackCade

    They didn't inklude the most important kategorie: Strategic impact. The French lost on the battlefield but through their allies they did eventually win. If this was even partialy due to the Maginot Line, it is clearly strategicaly the most important.

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