1. Игровой канал Isceag

    Does this intro need cinema 4D? Or, this intro only makes in AE!?

  2. Игровой канал Isceag

    Can I take this intro of your channel for my? And, It is very good and beautifull intro! Good job, friend!

  3. Rom

    Nice bro!

  4. Hugo Penoncello

    como edito el video?

  5. FKAusbildung

    Can somebody change the name for me? I cant deal with after effects and i have no added effects but i find it soo cool :.(


    Please help me, I do not know how to edit.

  7. bugyi gumi

    it is working with Blender?

  8. Devil162 Stream Channel

    Спасибо, отличное интро, лайк.

  9. TanksRUs

    Could you do this 4 me ?

  10. The Reyder

    How do I get downloaded? With the link it does not go with me, unfortunately. 🙁

  11. bobxts

    AE show me that .mov files are corrupted.. could u give me new link ? thanks in advance

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