[FR][ENG] WoT: How to play World of Tanks with a Xbox 360 controller [PC]

Read the description please!/Lisez la description s.v.p!


I forgot the mention it but this is a free trials of 20 days I doesn’t know if you should buy the real version after it.

There the link for the direct download:


J’ai oublié de le mentionner dans la vidéo, mais ceci est un essaie de 20 jours. Alors, je ne c’est pas si vous pourriez gardez le programme après la date d’expiration. Puis, c’est à 1:58 pour la vidéo en français.

Voici le lien du programme:


  1. Dark Freeze

    if i use pc controller does it still work?

  2. Mohammed axe

    ty ^_^

  3. ramone pottinger

    cheers man

  4. Owen Parks

    Salut CAmaniac1…

  5. jackie dimapasoc

    pinnacle doesn't even load up, have tried in on windows 7 and ten 32 and 64 bit it just crashes

  6. Sean Nickerson

    All this time there was a website to program control for W.o.T. Lmao……..thanks for sharing.

  7. bisquitnspanky

    This is the only way I've ever played WOT or seen it played so I have no idea what pc play is like. Anyone out there who has played both? Which do you prefer and why? Also, do you think that a Scuf Controller would be of any use in WOT?

  8. KB_Playz

    does it work if you just have a usb and plug it into your pc??

  9. Samuel James Games

    when I try to install it gives me an error

  10. Edson Cardenas

    HOW PLAY World of Warships xbox controller

  11. Master Cobra

    i have a similar controler to the xbox 360 ne and it does not work. whyy??? idk. and i don't care anymore. solution: just buy a gaming mouse and a gaming pad or tastature.

  12. Csaba Gyarmathy

    How can i deconnect the settings? I uninstalled it and it still moves my mouse when I use the controller.

  13. jose villalvazo

    how do i connect the controller??

  14. Toma Kuzmić

    is this virus????

  15. YoloSwagy

    ur aweso,e

  16. SoloTurk1

    is it for windows 7?

  17. ABOOD XD

    thanx for you

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