FUNNIEST WWII GAME EVER!! – Heroes & Generals Funny Moments! – Bombers, Tanks, Land Mines, Sniping!

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Outro Song: The Wreckage — Breaking Through

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Kevin MacLeod:

No one reads this far into the description…what are you doing snooping around…


  1. Hopfinöserischer Kuchenkrieger

    7:11 Please…I have been searching for this song so fucking long…so how is it called?

  2. มานิต สีบุญเรือง

    shut up

  3. thehive


  4. Kai king of world


  5. Legends Of gaming channel

    damn almost a million views that's crazy but live his video though

  6. Daniel Jourjon

    3:54 wow u can an Anti air Anti tank well done 10/10

  7. Weird Nathan

    If minecraft was free to play on pc now then it's a waste of money buying minecraft in 2011. Wait why did I mention minecraft here I'm gonna leave…

  8. Trigger Happy Collaborations

    ….. I wonder if he still plays this..who else?

  9. The Benito

    Me as a pilot in a nutshell:
    Me: hey that bridge looks safe to land
    runs over teammate and crashes into a jeep

  10. Don't Listen

    Wait wasn't Germany ww1

  11. Triple L

    If you've played this game you know how many hours he's spent on it. He has the basic AK (has a weird ass name) which takes so many fucking hours to get, he has the sniper, infantry, and paratrooper. He has an automatic rifle with a scope. BRUH GIMME UR ACCOUNT. I've played it for 150+ hours and barely have the infantry, fighter pilot, and sniper. I wish he would do more

  12. ClassyBrute

    Congrats on 5mil subs Wildcat 😀

  13. epiclolgamer YT

    the game is awsome

  14. Dj gillette

    it's coled a boomer

  15. Emerson Trench

    Im friends With ZGeneralz

  16. Bete de Guerre

    How do you have so Good stuff but your still noob?

  17. Carter Kranjc

    Do more!

  18. Niklas Haberkorn

    How names this ww2 game?

  19. ZeusDNK

    Wildcat you forgett that this game is a pay2win

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