Future Maps of World of Tanks

World of Tanks. Today I’m looking at „Minsk“, „Poland“ and „Asian map“ the future maps of World of Tanks!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. Logan Deeter

    Man i miss province. It was the first map i ever played

  2. jasething2

    they should put ALL the maps back in….and make all maps open to all tiers too……would make for much more fun for all players…

  3. Dryalga

    RIP Mittengard, favorite map for my T2 light

  4. MonashSQ

    They keep the crap maps and remove the good ones, more maps are required. Do the people who design the maps actually play the game?

  5. Bamt

    i quit the game until they bring out another 10-20 maps, i'm sick of the same old maps all the time. TBH i'm really enjoying War thunder at the moment

  6. Mike T

    WG are up there own arse again as always with Maps so fewer is better for WG bean counter dev's, and so screw us players – no imagination just business style maps for fast 4 min slaughters to get us back into the garage buying gold, sigh


    Wg map making and map selections always fail because they want face paced matches for fast match turn overs and they always want corridor style maps that correspond with that first rule.

    If they just used realistic terrain models that exist is real world, i.e. use topographic maps from the real world and then designate the objectives using that data

    This would allow for realistic battles and battle conditions without corridor fighting and would allow the players to come up with strategies for each map.

    But again, wg rules for maps are they want fast paced high match turn overs and this rule ruins any actual balance or real strategy and having lots of maps to select from also hinders this strategy of fast match turn overs and match times

    Honestly, WG is barely even trying to hide the fact that they are a wallet siphon with a tank game plastered over it at this point.

  8. MysteriousRJC

    Wargaming continues it's streak of stupidity…. removing bunches of maps that are fun to play on – other than a couple weak aspects – further decreasing the variety so that ever fking map is just like the other…. or replaced with something worse (like garbage Paris). These greedy ignorant idiots never learn. Players want variety for maps and a big rotation so they're not stuck playing the same 5 maps over and over and over. Give me 20 decently acceptable to play maps in big rotation over 8 that look feel and play identically. This is exact why I stopped putting money into this game and will refuse to other than a premium account to make tier 10 credit loss manageable

  9. Joseph Stalin

    Why are they removing so many maps? I dont like that. AND ERLENBERG IS STILL IN? Bring the old ones exept komarin back.

  10. Joseph Stalin


  11. Joseph Stalin

    These new maps when do they come?

  12. Joseph Stalin

    I loved hidden village as well

  13. Joseph Stalin

    I see the face at the tunnel as well