FV215B 183 – Deathstar Review – less Camp more Tank! Wot Blitz

FV215B 183 - Deathstar Review - less Camp more Tank! Wot Blitz

I think its time for a hesh…nooo fresh look at the one and only death star! This is the first tank I ever reviewed and fancied a look at it again. No complaints in this video about the FV rather this is a small review on how I like to play the FV for those who are interested. Mastery replays included.

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  1. Berkay T

    Sk8 you should do a general td, med etc guide

  2. armyknul

    You have more battles in that thing than in the E25

  3. Alexis Torres

    Wonderful vid!

  4. iamonfeyer !

    Excellent video

  5. Duck Face

    What's assistant damage?

  6. r johnson

    You should a video on the 183 and how it's gun trolls. I shot a jge100 t times with AP over a ridge. Result. 3 misses and two bounces

  7. Bob k

    Sorry – 1800 games in ^^^^ – I would say sk8 the seal clubber… but tier X ain't seals… so sk8 the slightly op tank driver?

  8. Неизвестное существо № 7

    Which is scarier? a fv215b 183 or two Jagdpanzer E100s

  9. ChristianGamer

    Nice video. I’m tired of hearing ppl complain about the 183. On a side note, did you know that in WoT console and pc, the death toaster’s sides fold down? It’s the weirdest thing I’ve seen. So it looks flat with just the gun sticking up.

  10. Madude 62

    Always play where the enemy least expects you

  11. BLITZ Panzer101

    They should nerf the accuracy… to like 0.6

  12. Christ

    I still think its one of those tanks that shouldnt be in the game. You cant tell me the gameplay wouldnt be better at tier 10 with the 183 gone.

  13. Skuaa Cat

    Gonna start grinding

  14. Jelly Belly

    Gosh I hate this game. We all play so many battles just to get to Tier X then having to pay entry fees unless you have a premium account. Tier X should feel rewarding…maybe like earning a shetload of credits with them. TD's in this game lose their purpose. There are medium tanks with the same damn accuracy and having a fully traversable turret. The accuracy on TD doesn't even matter anymore because these maps are too small. And this fffflipping MM!!!!!! We only have hvy and enemy have meds and TD….who do you think will win? WG sort your sh it out. Your algorithm sucks.

  15. Soulslayer_48

    Still hate this tank for what it does to a game …. but can appreciate players that push and aren’t static in it

  16. TheForgottonLegend
  17. Marty Zebra XJ9

    This gives us all an excuse to add the type 5 heavy in blitz 😀


  18. Tim Smith

    Question: If you were driving an FV 4005 Stage II instead of an FV 215b (183), would you still use the same aggressive tactics?