FV215b 183 – NOT FOR SALE

World of Tanks – FV215b 183. Next month, in update 9.21, the FV215b 183 will be replaced by the FV217 Badger – here’s all you need to know!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code „QUICKYBABY4WOT“ to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, 500 gold, 7 days premium, and a gun laying drive!


  1. John Doe

    Thanks QB for making that point of not creating a self imposed stress of grinding for days if not weeks to get a tank in a PC game and ruining an enjoying aspect of playing. Not to mention how much time it takes of the rest of cool things we can do away from our keyboards ✌

  2. Dj Wiz

    please put your mod link here

  3. BDNeon

    Knocked out the last 100k XP stretch easily in a single day today, just bought a day of premium while x2s for all wins after first event was running, popped some 200% XP reserves, was earning like 5k a match on the good wins. And because I paid attention to the upcoming events and know that the On Track event starts on the 24th, I sold my Tortoise NOW while it's full price, and will buy the 183 then when it's 30% off.

  4. Eʟıтε Bυʟʟεтƨ™

    So who owns the Death Star can still play it altough the new update?

  5. Mochi Jimin

    This is complete utter bollocks, excuse my language but this tank to me feels like a reward for all those people that have crawled their way threw a slow clunky metal box tank line, and now they’re going to scrap it completely screwing off the people that don’t pay but are slowly working their way towards it, and then add another slow clunky heap of metal don’t get me wrong it would be fine if they could added a extra branch but no, how can they say it doesn’t fit in, they put warhammer tanks in the game and have the maus, they need to rethink their logic behind removing an iconic tank people have to paint though to get too.

  6. seth turner

    I am (was) an avid Maus player but this troll tank consistently turns enemy heavies into 2 shot T10 Togs, no matter the angle. renders the tank's armor absolutely useless, the supreme noob cannon

  7. jake brewer

    lol thats why i got a week of thanksgiving break

  8. SneezeMachine

    3:39 That was posted on 9/11 😀

  9. RodelIturalde

    this patch 9.21 should just not be released at all.

  10. au jack

    Go play consoles, no cheaters, no mods and it has the dreaded waffle e100 and the 183 🙂 🙂 QB should play more Xbox 1

  11. Gabriel Gonzalez

    Soo the FV4005 is the Death Star now?

  12. Виктор Гост

    артопетухи все на ру кластере, твари.

  13. David Forbes

    "one of the oldest tanks"?

  14. Richard Holmes

    if i have researched it i guess somehow i need to find a way to buy it ….can i buy gold and convert it somehow

  15. ProfAquila

    It was only 4 days to get FV 🙂 With 200% Personal reserves… and premium account… and from Tortoise 😀 At least the premium acc was for free. 🙂

  16. Brian Sullivan

    Is console losing the tank at the same time

  17. Mihail Vernescu

    I'll just post this for some1 that may use this info
    While i know that some people do not spend money on this game – i'll tell what i did to get to FV183

    – bought a week premium – it was not that expensive
    – calculated that i needed around 10 mil credits to get the whole line – u need to do that as well
    – the first 2 days i made credits with a premium tank
    – i had some boosters in depot from all those years i played and mission made – USE THEM when u reach tier 6, combat experience, crew experience and free exp booster
    – started the line, the grind is ok until u reach Tier 6, here is where the pain comes
    – Tier 3 – don't research 3.7-inch AT Howitzer gun
    – Tier 4 – don't research 3.7-inch AT Howitzer & Gun Q.F. 25-Pr. AT Gun/How. Mk. III
    – Tier 5 – don't research 3.7-inch AT Howitzer
    – Tier 6 – here is where the pain starts, just stick with the farm, don't care if u die, do ur best not to die, but if u do, think if u have time to play a game with the premium tank to make more credits, at tier 6, try to use right sided corners as much as u can – it helped me alot
    – skip the tracks research, the last engine and last radio to save exp

    – Tier 7 is the same thing – right sided corners
    – i researched everything here so i have a better gun at tier 8, if u don't want to grind the gun, u can skip the tracks and last engine to save exp

    – Tier 8 the things go much better – AT-15 is an ok TD, just try to use left-sided corners to hide that cupola weak point on your right side, also, try to keep the tank at an angle because u have a wide gun arc or even side-scrape to bait shots, hug enemies that dont have gun elevation
    – i skipped the last engine, researched all of the guns but used/bought only the OQF 20-pdr AT Gun Type A Barrel

    – Tier 9 is just the same as tier 8 only now u have some free exp saved up from all those boosters used – i had like 100k exp saved when i reached the Tortoise – bought the last gun (60k exp) and started grinding, skipped the tracks completely, now i only need 50k exp to get the to FV183

    – Tier 10 – sir, now u are a Happy Panda, congrats!

    Look, i know that i've spend some money, i had a premium tank and some boosters, some you guys may not have these things – i just posted this as a source of information on what i did to get there with the resources that i had, it may not work for everybody ofc

    Just as statistic:
    it took me 4 days to grind out from tier 6 till 8 and 1 day for tier 9 – a week of premium and i had all the credits i needed
    as play time – this is the most resourceful part because i played like 4-6 hours/day, after work & no life, but hey, i really wanted the tank, i can go out with my friends next weekend…

    Wish u good luck!

    P.S – if u dont have the money to spend on a week of prem time or a premium tank or the physical time needed to grind the line – I DON"T KNOW what u can do, sorry.

  18. X onor

    I knew IT!

  19. pawapre

    I'm too lazy to read through the comments myself, but has anyone told QB that the NA server is getting the 183 on track for a week at the end of this month? Everything will be super cheap for the Americans.

  20. miss stability

    getting 183 in 1 week is more then possiible

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