Game Theory: How to SURVIVE the Mad Max Carmageddon!

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Thanks to Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for giving the whole crew over here at The Game Theorists the chance to experience a sneak peek of Mad Max and learn a ton about the real world science of cars in the process! They sponsored this video and helped support us so we can keep the theories coming.

Mad Max is all about surviving in the desert apocalypse with just your wits and the car you’re driving, but what if the world of Mad Max weren’t a game? What if you took your war machine out of the screen and put it into a real-world desert war for survival? Today we built our own war machine from the ground up using the in-game features and tested whether you could actually build a car capable of keeping you alive when the end of the world really comes.

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  1. Duncan Mahlburg

    It's on game theory because he's talking about the game

  2. Dapper Duck


  3. Canoss Gaming

    I know this isn't literally… But…
    California is literally 50% of all of all USA internet traffic.

  4. Tasty pasta

    Jam out evey time I hear that intro

  5. Killerz ARMY

    something better then magum opus is my magmadom

  6. Disco Pone

    Lol, I learned the four stroke engine cycle as: Suck, Push, Bang, Blow.
    My Auto Tech instructer also called everything small and pointy a titty. It was "Yah put this little titty into the slot before yah tighten it, like this," or "Yah gotta make sure the rings are right way round, or yer gonna lose all the oil on the suck stroke."
    Good times…

  7. dragonpnut76

    4 stroke. Suck Squeeze Bang Blow

  8. Brady Johnson

    please make an episode about the best starter build in fallout 4


    this guy does know that mad max is actually a movie series

  10. Adam Wood

    How many people remember when this intro was the bomb

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