Gmod Tank Battle

Howdy! I finally found the mods again! They were taken off the workshop for a bit, but now there back, right here!


  1. Millitary Artis WOTB

    In world of tank Is-3 would have won

  2. Millitary Artis WOTB

    Man they look so much like world of tank

  3. Millitary Artis WOTB

    Lol tiger2 humping M4 sherman

  4. Animdude Gamer

    my game is not working in my addons tanks

  5. Clorox Bleach

    when you're special and say "im useing a tiger two" and you're actually useing a E-75. and plus you guys don't know you can do sniper mode and with the interaction menu you can change the guns on your tanks well most of them and give them different turrets skins, and guns

  6. ItsFinRocket

    i hav more subs than u

  7. Dat Boi

    i downloaded the nuerotech from internet as files cus if it gets taken off workshop it wont affect me + its file im secure and i got it from facepunch

  8. Gother

    Screw the tanks, what's that amazingly scripted iphone mod that's in the bottom right corner. It pops up once or twice I cant remember when, but I'm pretty sure that if you, video uploader, who downloaded the mod and uses it reads this, you know what I'm talking about. Give me link nowwww plz m8

  9. Philoix

    That feedback though.

  10. Gamer Fudidao

    * – *

  11. Comrade

    this man sounds like his is depressed

  12. Aden xiong

    That's weird when my gunner dies I can still shoot

  13. Zhen Box

    E-75 is way better than Tiger 2

  14. Zhen Box

    That Big Triangular Tank in the first battle that killed the SHerman Jumbo is not the Tiger 2 it is Ze E-75 an upgraded tiger 2.. you can see it with it's Range meter (it looks like the eyes of the turret ) you'll get it when you play World of Tanks BUt the gun is not the 105 and the 128

  15. Hoffa

    also for the love of god use the zoom on +walk( alt )

  16. Hoffa

    Nice Video 😉

  17. aaron Mckisic

    These guys seem like twelve year olds from the way they act

  18. CamperAndBamboo

    I like the fact that you can kill a Maus with a tiny little Sherman if you want 😀

  19. MaphewPlayzMC

    Dude How did you get it to work cause I cant 🙁

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