HOW TO ANGLE YOUR TANK (the importance of angling) | War Thunder

A lot of times I see people who don’t angle their tank in the slightest. In certain vehicles like the Maus this can mean certain death. So how does one turn weak spots into seemingly impenetrable areas?

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  1. Mike M.

    You need a PREMIUM ACCOUNT to make angling to work in this game. Everybody know this.

  2. azmanabdula

    I just got a world of tanks ad…. LMAO

  3. Aquatic Gaming

    Idk how but i deflected a stug shot using the 3rd tier british spaa

  4. Millennium Gaming

    but Krebs, how do you angle the M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo???


    Yeah good ol' days without ATGMs

  6. kutkuknight

    In panthers and many others survivability doesnt increase with angling because the overmatch model in war thunder is utterly retarded and broken.

  7. Tim Van Looveren

    Why are't you uploading krebs?

  8. Joe Randella

    Have you died?

  9. 67bigjake

    Where u at man? 2 weeks and no vids?

  10. Error Error

    Krebs means Cancer in german

  11. 김준영

    lol u meet t95 tank shot cupola but miss and you say"fxxk!" lol

  12. c souza

    Hello Krens, what´s up Bro, when we are going to see a new vídeo on warthunder?

  13. Roy Blekman

    Where are your video's?

  14. 1dwhaley

    good imfo

  15. MrFlamingNinjaGuy

    How to kill a maus? This is what you need, an m22 and cap the objectives fast like and all sneaky beaky like, then save up for b29 and hope you don't get shot down then ran the maus and you got a kill

  16. Gamer Lp xxl

    Can you visit my channel ?I also play War Thunder . 😀