1. Vierchas Nezinomas

    Thanks bro 🙂

  2. Got_Some_Skills

    dude thank you so much this helped me alot thank you

  3. Motaz Solh

    Works with the newest game version :)) THX a lot!

  4. Sacera

    can you add audio file too?

  5. Mauri Metsaroos

    you can change language in lunch screen no download needed

  6. Richard Luo

    thanks a lot

  7. Daniel Amro

    thz it help so much

  8. jUTZLe

    i am from eu server can u upload the russian files thx 😉

  9. Narmi Memmedli

    Thank you so much bro !

  10. Morpheus Sepultura

    pls give me the last updates audio and tex files I really need them I have no idea what the heck Russian language is about

  11. samir den dopper

    what about mac settings ?

  12. Morpheus Sepultura

    anyone can give me 9.16 updated text and audio files?

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