1. Nikola Juraja

    Hvala care uljepšo si mi dan

  2. Berserk Panda

    Hi! I see that this app gives you a lot of things to complete to earn gold… but for me it only gives 5 ways… got any tips on how to get more?

  3. Laura Silver

    Nice 😀

  4. Aman2k811 !

    GUYS USE MY INVITE CODE t4pzy to start out with 20 gold….and yes i have tried this app before and it works like charm

  5. Andu Alex

    The app keeps banning my account for some reason. Know any fixes ?

  6. belminas

    samo neradi lomim nogu

  7. WOTB Deswara Arka

    scamer !

  8. RMGhost

    Hvala.radi uzeo sam 1300 golda :D(tnx,it works i got 1300 gold :D)

  9. WOT-TiborM96

    omg nope i dont care 100-200 gold i bought 30k gold and op time

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