How to get World of Tanks Bonus Codes for FREE Update 2015

World of Tanks Bonus Codes for Free [PROOF]



World of Tanks (also known as WOT) is the team based multiplayer online game all about warfare. World of Tanks is the game where you can get back yourself in battle of World War II. Game includes more than 220 armored vehicles from Germany, France, Russia and America.It is one of the most popular and massively played game on internet all over the world.
Things you should know:
With Premium account you get 50% more credits and 50% more experience per battle, and a clean garage.
Previously, only a premium account could host a three player platoon and host tank companies, but as of the 8.5 update non-premium accounts can also host three players and tank companies.

What for you need World of Tanks Premium?
You need those codes to get small advantage in game. Those codes
are paid on World of Tanks website via Ultimate Game Cards, but we have our services that allows
us to give them completely free. However, we require one small thing from you in return. That little thing is called survey. Yes, your requirement is to complete
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This basically pays for your World of Tanks gift code.

Is it safe to use?
You don’t have to worry about that. We guarantee!
Do not worry about losing your account because of our bonus codes.
The codes that we provide for your World of Tanks account are completely legit.
You can use our codes on already existing accounts,
and of course new accounts that you can create for free.

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