How to Grind EXP in WoT

I remember when I had a T46 or whatever the low tier russians are called, and I googled „How to Get more EXP in World of Tanks“.. The only answers that i found were „do more damage“ „do more spotting“ effectively people just said „play better“.. this point of this video is to give people practical advice that works for all skill levels instead of giving the run of the mill Play Better advice which is true, but not helpful

Hope I achieved that. Let me know if you have any questions/suggestions for videos 🙂



  1. Yakito88

    "They are gonna push along the northern flank" 🙂
    Do you mean East?

  2. Clorox Bleach

    I almost drank myself…

  3. Michi_CZ

    How do you have so many boosters ?

  4. Daniel Maka

    I would have pushed you off as well if you took my spot

  5. Squire Squirrel

    Umm one question… what exactly did he minimize at 3:15?

  6. ziggybass ziggybass

    Interesting Vid including a dick head for good measure!. Thanks youhandled it well

  7. Reece McCormick

    Since when was the RU 251 a tier 9?

  8. James Kan

    show the asshole name then ppl can avoid it

  9. Bulcsú Zsiga

    I usually go to this spot,when I'm in a light/medium tank,and shot as well,but always there are 2 or 1 guy who is busy with me…Like he may get shot by the arty raped by the other guys,NO he only cares about me…I like it how ignorant the enemy was about you.

  10. Blake Vandamage

    be patient with your retards guys lololol

  11. Jugger1169

    I really dont get this after analysing Vids, do this here, do this there, so pointless, each game is different, there is no rule or playstyle, some little basics about positions, ok. but the rest is playing, watching, observe and react on situations, when playing with 14 Randoms. The way to grind is simple, play over and over again and try to get better !

  12. Jeremian Lastly

    At 6:17 Sure the M 41 90 shouldn't have shot you and especially shouldn't have pushed you off… but you did roll up and completely jack his position which was inconsiderate as hell. If I saw a purble player charge into my position and take it over like I didn't even exist, I'd be pissed too. However much it may seem like it sometimes, you aren't more important than your teammates.

  13. nashor's tooth

    well when i grind with my leo no xp boosters on (i am a bad player 46% winrate) in an hour i typically get 10k experience while also playing other tanks and it seems wierd that ppl cant do that with xp boosters.(also thx for reminding me that they exist so i can use them i have like 20 just sitting there)

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