How to install the Arty Mod for World of Tanks + Gameplay!! (Tutorial)

Hey everyone,

In this video I’ll show you where and how to install the arty mod (updated) for the World of Tanks version And i also will show you a gameplay how it is to play with the mod.

Mod activate: Shift (aim) + G

Download Link:

Song 1 (0:10-4:42) :
Song 2 (4:43-7:10) :

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  1. Kyle YT


  2. IDRA dalow

    Is this still working on new patch? I tried it and it just doesn't work.

  3. HD Gamerz

    is this also for or

  4. Sniperking469

    what button do you press to go into that view

  5. wolfprince04 ?


  6. KreekLuff

    iu thx

  7. KreekLuff

    aim? what aim?

  8. Phúc Đoàn

    Nice and now my road to m40/43 is faster :))

  9. Eivan401

    i just like how i cant understand shit and try to follow but still fails.

  10. john johnson

    what key do you push to activate this mod

  11. DELTOX_LP #music time

    is this mod allowed

  12. morten ottosen

    can you make a update vid pleas

  13. dillydoe

    does it work with 9.15? And do I need to move the 9.14 file to 9.15 or 9.14.1? (cause it isn't working when I put it into 9.14 folder)

  14. Maulana Yusuf

    WTF! , the Description 9.14 but the video 9.13 , What Wrong ??

  15. Hakim Hassan

    does it work with the 9.14.1 update ???

  16. Garreth Kelly

    do you have to close the client, and reopen it for it to work? I had the game client open when I pasted it

  17. Logan Maxwell

    Your download link is not working at all for me. help?

  18. Silent Pain

    why do i get to dating sites from your link?

  19. menelaos m

    do not work correctly when closing the sighting circle kicking like someone falling on the arty !!!!

  20. TermosX Subscribe!

    Pls sinse we are now in 9.14.1 does it sti works?

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