How to Install XVM for World of Tanks

Help! I want to see people’s stats but I don’t know how! Don’t worry about a thing. Check out this easy guide to download, install, and configure the well-known and used WOT xvm mod.

Get XVM here :
Song : Alex Beroroza – Drive

I hope you guys understood the video and now have up and running xvm mod 🙂
If not, please ask me in the comments below for help.

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  1. murti

    what kind of language is this. and why u explaing fast?

  2. F.M.F 69

    it somehow worked once then after 2 updates of WoT i installed the latest version of XVM and suddenly does not work anymore D:

  3. Holy Cats

    Idk how to find my wot client

  4. MrIgnition

    Thanks! I couldn't find good information on how to configure the mod pack until I found this video.

  5. One And Only Wale

    It Worked! 😀

  6. Shane Wiggett

    Thanks for the help will see if it works. Will check back

  7. codie noon

    This video was posted on my birthday

  8. Elias Mimidas

    hey i have done everything and it still does not work

  9. Sapher

    how to fix XVM problem. Cause he is showing me witch are tank spoted or showing on the minimap BUT it isn't showing purple tank or green or red (noob player or good player)  . And i want you help me how to fix this problem 🙂

  10. Nichita Chilimnic


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