How to make Custom World of Tanks skins using (Basic Tutorial)

To download go to this website :

This is a Basic tutorial and will not teach anything advanced or midranged

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  1. Berry Rich

    its not working!

  2. Victor Galichet

    I like your download folder, i have same music and

    Kurumi best wifu

  3. Sweden oppvp

    i cant find the vehicles map any were help plz

  4. TheSchultrumPanzer Wot Blitz, ROBLOX and more!

    Can anyone else who's not using the 'mod' see the skin too?

  5. Freakeus

    I can t open .pkg files…

  6. Kamil Litwiński

    i cant find vechicles folder in res_mods on pls help

  7. SonOftheEmperor

    anime is life venom good job

  8. illuminati

    i cant hear you

  9. nicholas dean

    how do I get rid of the camo??? also it is not showing up…

  10. Gene Smolko

    LOL, you crazy, in a good way

  11. IkaroszHUN

    You know any paint program? Help me, not downloading, errors and errors again -_-

  12. Cardiff Yocal

    Hi, Nice vid bro, I open the res folder but all i have is tanks and aircraft folders full of .dxp files. But my game is on Steam so maybe different I guess.

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