How to play the FV4005 and FV215b (183). Brothers in arms [World of Tanks]

Learn how to fire the most powerful gun in the game! What should you do when this gun is pointing at you? Which record, previously held by the Maus, did the new British FV 4005 tank destroyer break? Find the answers in this review of the two, tier X tank destroyers. Lean the differences between the FV 4005 and the FV 215b (183). Get advice on how to survive a battle without camouflage or armor, and how to fight an opponent who can destroy you with a single shot. Watch the video, and join the battle!

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  1. Jaws The Seawing

    LOL THE RU 251 AT 9:16!!

  2. JotheGr3at

    Don't know which one I want, 183 or 4005… I'm going for 183 right now tho because it's simpler to go down that line while there's an On Track event for the 183 line on Xbox

  3. The Random Channel

    Give it us in blitz

  4. Wargaming Super Noob
  5. Oliwer Rzepkowski

    This guy ONE SHOTS A MAUS! Amazingly difficult!

  6. MAZI GH

    Better say blance broken

  7. jason 13

    i want to have the fv 4005 on wotb

  8. YD Václav Veselý XD

    Věry good world od tanks

  9. Ayyy Lmao

    Did anyone else notice the kampfpanzer vii years before it was released, pretty neat easter egg

  10. George Boulter

    This is the best tank I've got so far
    I've have over 500 games in it!

  11. Bertalan Kovács

    Load gold, aim, shoot, enjoy that nobody can survive your shots.

  12. richard espiritu

    how to play leopard 1

  13. Tommy1marg

    a special TD for special people

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