How to play the IS-8 Heavy Tank | Russian Steel Bully | WoT Blitz

How to play the IS-8 Heavy Tank | Russian Steel Bully | WoT Blitz

Our newest video „Release the dogs! | Tier X Tank Destroyer Tactics | WoT Blitz“ –~–
A full bells and whistles review on the IS-8, the tier IX Russian heavy that is not really a heavy. Scout medals, high calibers and of course an ace game give a complete package. Four games showing how to play the tank to it’s strengths as both top and bottom tier.
Load Aim Fire is a channel dedicated to World of Tank Blitz and Console (PS4). How to play the game, tips and tricks, strategies and tactics, gameplay and review. It’s all here. See how to drive a heavy, flank as a medium or light tank, kill red tanks with big gun tank destroyers. And of course there’s random lolz, fails and epic troll moments. Gameplay is provided by martindogger [EMRS] on the EU. martindogger is a Community Contributor for WoT Blitz.
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… and cheers to that randy human that got me started on doing Blitz videos, Mr B aka Bushka on Blitz


  1. Mat Dirks

    You say that the side is easily penned- I have bounced all sorts of shells off the side. It's not reliable, but it gets all sorts of troll bounces that make no sense- I've bounced T110e4 294mm of American Piercing right of the side.

  2. MarBearCat

    Interesting that you chose Improved Assembly (added hit points) over Enhanced Armor. Why so?

  3. MarBearCat

    The first 4 battles I had with this tank, 2 wins, 2 losses, I had a 100% hit rate. Now after 17 battles I'm 90% but only 41% win rate. :-/

  4. Arek Mucha

    pretty good tank i did 5.7k on it…
    very mobile with some armor

  5. Sum yout00ber

    Can you review is7?

  6. Tuberculosis_victim

    @3:27– you lost a little bit of health (37hp) from ramming the ru251, the rest was from him shooting you, adding up to 216hp. You said you had no idea why… that's why.

  7. Boom Channel on Blitz


  8. Хитрая Морда

    Обменяемся подписками?